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We are Wildish Wander, Jess and David (that’s us!)

Sometimes you only have so much time to travel. We love enjoying quick little getaways that make us feel the wildish wander the Earth has to offer. Here are 4 of our favorite day trips you can take from Arizona.


We are Wildish Wander, your new favorite travel assistants!

Hi, we’re Jess & David 🙂
Let’s go travel!

Welcome to our travel blog! We are Wildish Wander and we are a spin off from Wildish Jess. We are dedicated to exploring cities in your backyard to soaking up a new culture in a far away land.

As a family of 5, we are part time travelers but we try to escape any chance we get. Sometimes we travel as a family, sometimes my hubby and I take a couples trip, and other times, I’m discovering the Earth solo.

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