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What can I expect from London?

You may be asking why this says London versus England, eh? Well, the answer is simply that we get hounded with questions about London versus other areas of England. Yes, we strongly believe you should venture outside of London to see all the other beautiful sites of England but alas here we are.

When visiting London expect to be in lines and crowds for most of the exhibits. London is very busy in comparison to surrounding countries in the area. It is a huge city after all. The weather tends to be rainy and a bit chilly in London year-round so plan to layer so you can keep warm but not overheat.

The English LOVE to drink so plan on seeing the pubs crowded to the brim after everyone has left work. Yes, this happen almost daily!

Things to See and Do in London

Tower Bridge
The British Museum
St. Paul's Cathedral
Trafalgar Square
Westminister Abbey
Tower of London
The National Gallery
Big Ben
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“Never Ending Footsteps”


What can I expect from Scotland?

Ah, beautiful Scotland. There is literally so much to see and do in Scotland and I highly suggest doing it all! Scotland is full of lush green Munros filled with coos and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The Scottish do have a quick tongue but they mean well.

The weather in Scotland is typically very humid with a light drizzle off and on throughout the day. If you are closer to the coast expect winds that can chill you to the bone once fall and winter hit.

Though Scotland cang et busy in the summer months, the wait to get into attractions are much more tolerable than England. If you want to beat most crowds in general we suggest visiting in between mid October to early March. Keep in mind though, many castles tend to close during these time frames so if you have your eye on one, check the schedule before booking your flight!

Things to See and Do in Scotland

Outlander Filming Locations
The Royal Mile
William Wallace Monument
Stirling Castle
Palace of Holyrood
Culloden Battlefield
Fyre Monument
Ben Nevis
Clava Cairns

“The Professional Hobo”


“Never Ending Footsteps”

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – Acommodations in the United Kingdom can be fairly expensive compared to America if you aren’t staying in a hostel.

Food – We love to try local dishes while traveling so its no question we were going to have fish and chips as well as haggis while in the UK. If you aren’t feeling as adventurous you can always opt for more “American” cusine at places like Honest Burger and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Transportation – When it comes to getting around in the UK it will depend where you are visiting as to what mode to take. If you are keen on not taking a many stops and cruising through Scotland, the train is perfect for you. Want to capture ever photo on the road or traveling into the north highlands? Renting a car woud be your best option. For the city of London, I would suggest taking the tube everywhere. It’s fairly inexpensive and can get you around most places easily.


Suggested daily budget – 50-300 EUR / 52-62 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget range based on staying in a hostel versus a hotel, eating out a little/lot, and using local transportation or renting a car. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips

Get the menu of the day Unlike the US, the UK tends to offer a menu of the day or season that changes accordingly. Typically for daily menus the restuarants are trying to push food that needs to be served soon before expiring. Taking advantages of these menus not only saves you some coin but still gets you a delicious meal for less.
Ride Local Transportation Grab yourself an Oyster card and save yourself from spending a fortune on cabs. Uber & Lyft do not exist yet so you will be paying for the luxury of private transportation.
Get Online Passes If you already know what attractions you want to visit before arriving, it would be smart to purchases a fastpass online ahead of time. Both England and Scotland have passes for many of their castles, museums, and other popular attractions.
Couchsurf or Hostel Accomodation can really hit you where it hurts if you don't plan ahead. If you want to really save money while visiting the UK, look into couchsurfing or staying in a hostel with local travelers or housesitting while you're int he area. This alone can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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If you’re wondering where Wales and Northern Ireland is at on this list,we did not include these two yet as we have not visited. We like to give accurate information from our own experiences so we will be adding them once they are checked off of our bucket list!


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