things to do in america

50 Great Things to Do in America

things to do in americaPlanning a trip to the United States and wondering what to add to your bucket list? Here are 50 great things to do! Be sure to also check out our United States travel guide or search for specific states to find more fun things to do. 

1. Go on a cross country road trip along Route 66 with friends.

2. Visit the Grand Canyon.

3. Take a picture with the Statue of Liberty.

4. Watch lava flow in Hawaii.

5. Go skydiving in Tampa, Florida.

6. Watch the full NASCAR series of Daytona 500 live in Daytona, Florida.

7. Go see the faces on Mount Rushmore.

8. Enjoy the mist of Niagara Falls.

9. Take a drive from Miami to Key West.

10. Revisit your childhood at Disney World.

11. Enjoy the Jazz music of New Orleans.

12. Dive and snorkel in Catalina Island.

13. Explore underwater caves in southern Florida.

14. Go snowboarding in Colorado.

15. Go surfing in Hawaii.

16. Look down below from the skyscrapers of Chicago.

17. Watch a rocket launch at the space center in Florida.

18. Watch the Superbowl live in Texas.

19. Take a stroll along the French Quarter in New Orleans.

20. Visit St. Augustine, the oldest city in America, for a day.

21. Go on a canoe ride down the Boundary Waters of Minnesota.

22. Go ice fishing in Alaska.

23. Fly in for the world’s largest air show in Oshkosh.

24. Party like a rock star at the Coachella music festival in California.

25. Have a picnic in New England in the Fall.

26. Take a romantic stroll on Caladesi Island’s white sandy beach with your partner.

27. Spend a night on the Sahale Glacier Camp 7600ft above sea level.

28. Ride with bikers from all over the world during Bike Week in Daytona, Florida.

29. Take great pictures of the Northern lights in Alaska during winter.

30. Watch the fast and furious car race of Indy 500 up close.

31. Take a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway of California to the Big Sur.

32. Visit all the National Parks in America. All 59 of them.

33. Go on a thrilling ski trip to Aspen, Colorado.

34. Take a tour of the Empire State Building in New York.

35. Catch the world’s largest outdoor rodeo event in Wyoming.

36. Dare to climb an ice mountain in Montana or Alaska.

37. Dance in the parade during a Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

38. Play games at the famous casinos in Las Vegas.

39. Count down to a new year as the ball drops in Times Square, New York.

40. Go on a romantic wine and olive oil tour in Santa Barbara.

41. Learn how to surf in Mission Beach, San Diego.

42. Celebrate southern horse racing culture in at the Kentucky Derby, Louisville.

43. Enjoy a specular water show at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida.

44. Jog along the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

45. Visit Powell’s, the world’s largest bookstore in Portland.

46. Hike to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

47. Touch the skies at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.  

48. Explore the underground tunnels of Los Angeles.

49. Take a tour of Alcatraz, the world-famous prison.

50. Go on a boat ride around the Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona.

As you can see there are plenty of things to do in America and a little something for everyone. Ensure to take lots of pictures and explore how vastly different each state is.

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