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7 Perfect Day Trips in Arizona

day trips from ArizonaArizona is one absolutely beautiful state. A lot of people believe that Arizona is mostly filled with desert and palm trees, and while they might not be wrong, they’re not exactly right either. There are so many ideal destinations for day trips in Arizona that you’ll want to keep exploring on your own to see more.

7 Perfect Day Trips in Arizona

Saguaro National Park

Located very near Tucson, Saguaro National Park was created in order to preserve and protect the enormous saguaro cactus forest in the region. It stretches through the valley floor in the park, and it’s a site filled with dramatic desert landscape, incredible biodiversity, and even plenty of historic spots that feature petroglyphs.


Sedona is one of the most iconic Arizonian landscapes in the entire state. It’s been used as an inspiration for many artistic endeavors, and it’s still a popular spot for outdoor adventures. Hiking, biking, jeep tours, and general sightseeing are very popular activities here, as the red jutting rocks against the blue sky is a sight to behold.

There was a sweet tang of cedar and sage on the air and that indefinable fragrance peculiar to the canyon country of Arizona.

Grand Canyon National Park

Seeing the Grand Canyon is always breathtaking, even if it’s for the 50th time. The Grand Canyon National Park is an ideal day trip, as there’s so much to do there, and it’s easily become one of the most popular destinations in the entire world. Make sure to try to explore the surface of the canyon on the back of a mule, as it’s an unforgettable experience.

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Jerome is today America’s largest ghost town, but in its heyday it was one of the most lucrative spots for mining. Today it has a popular of around 400, and it still has its unique town ambiance from decades ago. You can even find enthusiasts in Jerome’s peculiar historic streets that are reenacting parts of the town’s history.

Tucson Mountain Park

If you’re looking for a family-friendly day trip destination, then it doesn’t get better than Tucson Mountain Park. This is a spot that’s ideal for exploration, like hiking, biking, and horseback riding, and there are plenty of picnic areas. The Desert Discovery Center even offers different classes and workshops that explain and teach things about the desert that you probably didn’t know before.

Kartchner Caverns

Not everyone knows that Arizona has the longest known stalactite on the planet. It’s located in a series of underground caverns that are best explored with a guided tour. You’ll feel like an explorer that’s discovered an alien part of the planet, all the while learning everything there is to learn about this amazing underground place.

Petrified National Forest

This is a forest that’s as sold as some of the dinosaurs that used to roam the planet. It’s over 200 million years old, and it’s one of the finest places in the world to explore petrified trees, most of which are enormous. It has plenty of hiking trails that will take you through the forest so that you can explore more of this natural wonder.

There is no shortage of places that are ideal for a day trip in Arizona. Exploring this beautiful state is a must, as there is so much to see and do in every corner.

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  1. Cedar and sage. That’s a brilliant way to express the essence of Arizona, much as eucalyptus will always remind me of Australia. I wasn’t aware of Jerome, and that’s somewhere I’d love to visit. The Petrified National Forest and the giant cacti would be on my list too. I only made it as far as Sedona, so there’s still so much you’ve highlighted here that I want to explore.

  2. We spent 3 weeks in Arizona this year and were truly captivated. We know we want to go back. We did a quick drive through of Jerome but want to return. The Kartchner Caverns were on our list but we just ran out of time. Good to know they are worth a visit. And a visit to the Tucson Mountain Park looks like a lot of fun, I now know why we need to go back.

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