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Well Hello there!

We are Jess & David!
Welcome to our travel blog! We are Wildish Wander and we are a spin off from Wildish Jess. We are dedicated to exploring cities in your backyard to soaking up a new culture in a far away land as a couple.

As a family of 5, we are part time travelers but we try to escape any chance we get. Sometimes we travel as a family, sometimes my hubby and I take a couples trip, and other times, I’m discovering the Earth solo.


Want to know more about us?

Everyone loves to ask us, what’s your secret?! But the secret is, there are no secrets. We love sharing what we do with others so they can learn and grow on their own too.

Read our most commonly asked questions we receive while traveling!

How do you manage to travel the world?

To put it simply, we make travel a priority when we are ready to book a trip. When we have the opportunity to go out and splurge, we tend to pass and save the money for a new trip.

We also partner with various affiliates to form brand partnerships and create funding for our trips. Don’t worry, we never promote any product we don’t like!

Travel is easy to accomplish, it just requires the right mindset.

How do you manage traveling with kids?

We’re not going to lie, traveling with young kids can be a challenge. Each age bracket presents new obstacles to overcome. For example, Bodie’s is in the toddler age where he doesn’t want to sit still for a flight and would rather run around and scream. Max is 4 and enjoys complaining about how long a flight is taking. Evan is 10 and he is always stoked about having hours to play on his tablet and generally doesn’t mind traveling now.

With that being said, the best advice we can give is to know your kid’s limits. Don’t set your family up for failure. If you’re traveling as a couple, make sure you have a reliable care taker and a back up plan and another back up plan. We ran into a fiasco on one of our trips and it was so stressful so plan, plan, plan!

Favorite destinations to recommend?

Answer coming soon!

Do you ever travel with pups?

Yep! When we travel within the US we typically try to bring our Aussiedoodle Freya with us!

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