10 Best Travel Accessories to Buy

When you’re traveling outside of your country for the first time, you may not realize how many travel accessories you actually need. There is no shortage of travel accessories to choose from, so make sure to pick the ones that you’ll actually make use of. These are the best travel accessories to buy when traveling out of your country…in our opinion at least!

The 10 Best Travel Accessories to Buy

Passport Holder

Passport holders are great for traveling internationally. They’re light and easy to carry and are surprisingly durable. They have a bit more room for a few more valuables, like passes and credit cards, and can have built-in RFID technology to prevent information theft. If you need more than a handheld passport holder, check out travel wallets and bags. Having the RFID built-in to the fabric is why I consider it one of the best travel accessories to buy. Nothing can ruin your trip like having your information stolen. Here are some cute options for women and a few for the men too.

Packing Cubes

When you travel you want all your belongings to be neatly organized. Packing cubes are the king when it comes to organization. They’re lightweight, super durable, and great for separating different items. We love packing cubes for quick grabs. Get rained on and want to change your outfit? No digging around needed. Reach right in your bag, grab what you need. 

Travel Shoe Bags

Having spare shoes when traveling is a must. However, mixing shoes with clothes isn’t always the best idea. Travel shoe bags keep them separate and will keep your shoes in pristine condition, especially since most shoe bags are waterproof.

Travel Pillow

If you have to travel for extended periods of time, make sure you’re traveling in as much comfort as possible, especially for those not traveling in first class. Travel pillows allow you to sleep comfortably in an upright position, which is a must in most travels. We love memory foam neck pillows and have even used these with hoods!

Good Luggage

Have you ever had your suitcase start breaking down after one trip? Its the most aggravting thing after you spent a pretty penny to ensure your items stayed safe. Upgrade your luggage to something durable and can stand the test of time. 

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Even if you have an amazing suitcase you can never go wrong with having a backpack. You’ll be surprised at how handy they are if you haven’t used a backpack before, and most good backpacks are extremely durable even under the worst of conditions.

Universal Power Adapter

Having a universal power adapter that changes the voltage to and from the US is a must if you’re traveling internationally. There are adapters that can connect with several devices at once, so you’ll never have problems when using electronics abroad again. You don’t want to arrive in a new country and find out they don’t have a compatible outlet. 


Nothing is worse than boarding a plane only to find out you forgot your headphones. You’re left in the hands of the airline to sell you $5 headphones that are so poorly made you can barely hear anything. Invest in a good pair of headphones so you can enjoy the flight amenities with the rest of them. Or, if you tend to lose things, grab a few decent pairs of earbuds so it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket misplacing them. 


If and when you get bored of watching movies while traveling, get to reading with a Kindle. I am a hands-on type of gal while David doesn’t care either way but once he got me a Kindle, it was all over. No more bent pages, wet backs, or carrying around thick books. A Kindle keeps it all in one tiny space. 


A smartwatch is a smart investment for everyday life, but it’s even more amazing when traveling. You can add travel apps to your watch to keep track of everything. You can answer calls from your wrist and even text without having to drop everything and dig through all of your bags to find your phone. Oh, and don’t forget you can track all of your steps and those hikes while you’re exploring too! We both prefer the Apple Watch but FitBit isn’t too far behind with their advancements as well. 

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  1. Yes! I travel with all of these except the smart watch (only because I do not own one). I hate it when I forget my headphones. Fortunately, I haven’ t ever forgotten them on a long trip – only short ones.

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