We love sharing what we do with others so they can learn and grow on their own too. To aid in that cause, here are all of our favorite tools and resources that helped us grow as a successful travel blog over the last few months. If you feel like we are missing something you need or of value, definitely reach out and let us know!

Resources & Gear

*Disclosure: Many of the links below are affiliate links. These links give us a small commission if you were to purchase anything and they cost you nothing. Some may even save you more money! Small affiliate links like these help us keep Wildish Wander running and we appreciate every purchase through our links that we receive. 


Photography Gear


Canon 6D Mark II – I have been a Nikon girl for most of my life but I finally switched over to Canon this year. I needed their advanced technology in sharing photos I had taken over bluetooth/wifi and Nikon simply doesn’t offer that.

Nikon d3500 – I have too many lenses to quit! We use this baby as our back up camera.


Canon EF 35mm f/1.8L – Our favorite lens that is constantly on our camera bodies!
Canon 50mm – Stunning for portraits
Canon 85mm – Great for detail and milky bokeh


I’m always a bit skeptical of asking strangers to take our photo with our cameras for fear of them dropping it. We invest in this tripod to help take photos ourselves.


Adobe Lightroom – We edit 90% of our photos in Lightroom. There is a free mobile version you can use for simple edits and mobile presets. We use the desktop version which does require a month fee but totally worth every cent!

Travel Gear

Anker Portable Charger – Sleek, small, and powerful! Anker is our go to choice for charging our phones and computers on the go. We take this charger traveling, sports events, amusement parks, etc.

HydroFlask – I really didn’t want to bite the bullet and pay for $60 for a water bottle but NOTHING compares to this bad boy. It can keep water freezing even in the 110+ temps here in Arizona. All of kids have their own now too!

Away Luggage – coming soon…

Power Adapter – coming soon…

Boots – coming soon…

How did you build and market your blog?

We market by making sure our SEO is top notch for our blog. Our sister company, Wildish Digital, plays a huge role in this. If you want to learn more about marketing your own blog, check out their tutorials. If you want to know more about travel blogging in general, check out our books on what we did.

Blogging Tools:

Tailwind – Hands down Pinterest is a traffic getter! Invest in scheduling your pins correctly versus manual spending hours doing it yourself.

SiteGround – You can start your site on a hosted platform like wordpress.com but it is always best to purchase your own domain and pay for hosting. SiteGround is the best of the best when it comes to hosting and I switch to them after MANY years of being with GoDaddy.

Site Themes – Though we aren’t currently using one of their themes, we love Bluchic!

What sites do you recommend book accommodations & flights through?

Booking.com – Our go-to site when we need to find a hotel for the night.

Hotels.com – Great for those who love reward programs. If you stay 10 nights or more, you get one free!

Priceline – Love snagging a deal with their secret rates option.