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Traveling is such a wonderful and rewarding experience. It gives people the opportunity to see the world, learn about other cultures, and appreciate the beauty of nature. Many travelers have their preferences and reasons for traveling to particular destinations. One of the most popular reasons is nature traveling. Below are 8 different types of nature travelers. 

Ocean Explorers

Did you know that water makes up about 71% of the earth’s surface? With that in mind, it is no wonder that some of the best sites to see include lakes, rivers, beaches, islands, and oceans. Ocean explorers find the best water bodies around the world to explore. They love activities such as snorkeling, surfing, fishing, scuba diving, and other water-related sports. They are intrigued by sea life. 

Desert Seekers

Of the remaining 29% of the earth’s surface that is land, about 10% is covered by deserts. There is at least one desert on every continent, with each being unique its own way. The sandy lifestyle attracts millions of tourists annually across the world. Desert seekers, despite the heat, enjoy riding over sand dunes with camels, bikes, or jeeps, the folk music and community dance parties, and the vibrant traditional attires.

Jungle Wanderers

Jungles, wildlife parks, and rainforests provide some of the best nature experiences in the world. Typically protected against poachers, many popular jungles and forests have been made tourist-friendly with comfortable accommodations, local guides, and means of transportation. Jungle wanderers love to come face to face with wildlife in their natural habitat.

Mountain Hikers

Hiking is a fun hobby. The thrill of starting at the bottom at ground level and slowly making your way to the top is more than just a metaphor of life. It is exhilarating and exciting. Mountain hikers travel around the world to hike mountainous terrains of various difficulties and breath-taking views at the top. 

Ice Skaters

These travelers prefer to explore freezing destinations such as Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Russia, and Finland. Ice skaters typically enjoy various winter sports such as skiing in the Alps, ice hockey, snowboarding, and even ice swimming. They don’t’ mind the cold and the winter lifestyle.  

Nature Lovers

Nature lovers, much like jungle wanderers, love to be in close contact with nature. They seek out naturally beautiful destinations with lush vegetation, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and natural geological formations. They love the serenity of nature.

History Visitors

History visitors prefer to travel to destinations with historical significance. As hard as it is to imagine, there are many lost cities and civilizations around the world and what is left of those cities still stand till today. They have become a major tourist attraction. These visitors simply enjoying going back in time, sometimes, as far back as the Roman era.

Culture Explorers

The best way to learn about the world is by experiencing it through cultures. With over 8000 cultures around the world, there is more than enough destinations to explore. Each culture has its own unique way of life, food, housing, and how they interact with nature. This is what culture explorers enjoy doing the most – experiencing each culture.

Nature traveling offers unique perspectives into the world and gives a whole new appreciation of nature beyond the daily norm. When it comes to traveling, there is something for everyone. So, which type of nature traveler are you?

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  • September 30, 2019

    I am everyone of those apart from a ice skater. I love arctic landscape etc but you wont see me skating up there. 😀 Seriosuly, I love hiking, I love our planet, I love the scenery…I love everything and we need to protect it and make changes in our lifes today to protect our amazing landscapes and ecosystems.

  • October 2, 2019

    This is so interesting. I like the different types of nature travellers you list here. I would say I’m a nature lover, history visitor, but mostly a culture explorer.

  • Yukti

    October 3, 2019

    I am nature traveler before reading your post but after reading it I am nature lover as I love to visit areas with lush green surroundings or clear waters. I love to be in serene nature though I dont hike or swim much. I am not a nature adventure traveler but just rejoice the natural surroundings. A great post with lot of nature traveler category types.

  • October 4, 2019

    I’m the all-inclusive nature lover, I guess. I do complain about stuff that’s missing in the wilderness after a while, but I always enjoy a trip that involves nature more than one that’s in a city only. Maybe that’s why even in cities I try to see parks or go on nearby hikes, when possible.


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